bridge.php Self Test Tool

This tool checks your website to make sure there are no problems in your hosting configuration.
Your hosting support can solve all problems found here.
Test TitleResult
Bridge Version$Revision: 73 $
Temporary Directory Exists and WritableYes
Temporary Directory has enough free space Yes
Post Maximum Size 8M
Zlib PHP Extension LoadedYes
Apache mod_security DisabledTest SkippedAsk your hosting provider to disable mod_security extension for bridge.php
Suhosin PHP extension DisabledYes
Default Login and Password ChangedYes
Magic Quotes GPC/Runtime disabledYes
Post (multipart/form-data) AllowedYes
Database Permissions Check
Create TableFailError details: ""
Insert Data RowFailError details: ""
Update Data RowFailError details: ""
Delete Data RowFailError details: ""
Drop TableFailError details: ""

More information about your PHP configuration

Log file path: /home/count16/public_html/tmp/bridge_log.txt
Cart type: 0
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